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♖ Top 5 Quality Blogs I follow: uhhhhh. everyone is quality. UH! i’m just gonna go see who my top 5 tumblr crushes are right now.

  1. ilarual
  2. irukazul
  3. lunar-resonance
  4. lobstersnail
  5. alohomorashlie

☢  Top 5 TV Shows/Movies:another difficult one! hm. i’m gonna do shows AND movies because there’s too many


  1. avatar the last airbender
  2. fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
  3. ouran high school host club
  4. firefly
  5. doctor who (seasons 1-4)


  1. lord of the rings trilogy (they count as one, ok?)
  2. howl’s moving castle
  3. 10 things i hate about you
  4. RENT
  5. the princess bride

(these are in no particular order and if you asked me the same question a month from now i guarantee the answers would be different)

♣ I fangirl over:

that literally changes either weekly or monthly. lately though it’s been (you guessed it!) soul eater. before that was hirunaka no ryuusei. before that was something different. whenever this soul eater phase goes away it’ll be something else. basically anything that can catch my eye for more than a day, i’ll fangirl over it.

thanks ashlie, for the questions! (:


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please watch this

Margaret cover (x)


moment of silence for all my wasted potential

way hey hey, it’s just an ordinary day & it’s all your state of mind. at the end of the day you just got to say it’s alright.